Spider Veins are Easy to Treat

Although spider veins are common and usually harmless, they can also be irritating, embarrassing, and negatively impact your self-confidence. At Tepas Vein Center we employ a traditional cosmetic laser, to remove the superficial veins pain-free.

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What is Laser Vein Treatment?

Our laser vein treatment uses Cuters’a excel HR laser technology to treat unwanted spider veins. The treatment involves directing a laser beam onto the targeted veins, causing them to heat up and collapse. Your body naturally absorbs the vein, and the blood is rerouted through healthy veins. Our laser treatment features a unique design that penetrates all skin tones allowing for more patients to see improvements from spider veins. Laser treatments are non-invasive and cause little to no downtime. Laser treatment is primarily used on the legs, but can be applied to other spider veins that appear on the face or chest. Laser treatment is less invasive than sclerotherapy making it Tepas Vein Center’s go-to choice for spider vein treatment.

Treating spider veins is a simply and easy process, there is no reason to hide your legs."

Emran Imami, MD, Tepas Vein Center

What to Expect During the Procedure

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Treat Spider Veins with Lasers

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Common Symptoms from Spider Veins

Spider veins are generally considered a cosmetic issue rather than a medical concern. However, they can also indicate underlying venous insufficiency or other vein issues, so it is important to consult with a vein specialist to address your leg concerns.

  • Web-like appearance
  • Leg pain 
  • Unsightly
  • Itchy
  • Burning Sensation
  • Swelling
  • Self-consciousness
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Causes of Spider Veins 

Many factors can increase the risk of developing spider veins, but even those without increased risk could be susceptible to developing spider veins. Left untreated could increase the severity of the spider veins or lead to other vein problems.

  • Family History
  • Personal Health History 
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender
  • Hormonal changes
  • Age
  • Prolonged standing
  • Excessive sitting
  • Trauma
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Treatments for Spider Veins

It's important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate treatment based on individual circumstances. Tepas Vein Center will help you determine the best course of action for your situation.

  • Laser Treatment
  • Compression Stockings
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Does Insurance Cover the Cost?

Most services at Tepas Vein Center are considered medical and therefore covered by insurance. Spider veins may be considered cosmetic and are usually not covered under most insurance plans. The good news is that your consultation and testing to determine your diagnosis should be covered through your insurance. Your benefits can be verified through our pre-authorization department for any co-pays or costs that you will have out of pocket beforehand. Tepas Vein Center has partnered with Imami Skin & Cosmetic Center to offer affordable treatment options for those who want to proceed with spider vein treatment.

  • Consultation coverage through insurance
  • Testing coverage through insurance
  • Treatment packages are available in our store, redeemable at Imami Skin & Cosmetic Center