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Certified by the American Board of Surgery with over 25 years of surgical experience, Dr. Emran Imami is an invited Fellow of the prestigious American College of Surgeons. He was a distinguished teacher and Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Florida for over 12 years. Tepas Vein Center offers proven medical procedures that reduce varicose and spider veins, allowing patients to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles. 

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What Are Varicose Veins?
Varicose veins are typically harmless though unsightly. Mild cases are often called spider veins while more serious cases can result in enlarged, building, and twisted veins close to the skin’s surface. Swelling is often accompanied with varicose veins. Left untreated, serious issues such as vein ulcers can form, along with open wounds and sores.
What Are Spider Veins?
Spider veins appear as thin, red, web-like blood vessels near the surface of the skin. These spider veins are considered a milder form of varicose veins. Spider veins generally appear on the legs and feet and do not cause pain or swelling. It is important to note that spider veins do not always turn out to be varicose veins. Treatment of spider veins is generally considered cosmetic in nature.
What Are The Causes of Varicose and Spider Veins?
The valves in your leg veins help pump the blood back to the heart. To return blood back to the heart, the veins must work against gravity. When the tiny valves within the veins become weak, the valves do not close properly and blood can flow backward, pooling in the veins, causing the veins to stretch and twist.
Are they Serious?
Typically, varicose veins are not dangerous to your immediate health, but left untreated can cause many symptoms that may interfere with living a comfortable and active lifestyle. Heavy legs, fatigue, leg swelling and pain, bleeding, skin discoloration, and ulcers are all health conditions that can develop from untreated varicose veins.
What Are The Symptoms of Varicose Veins?
Even though varicose veins may not cause pain, these veins are dark purple or blue in color or appear twisted and enlarged. For those that do experience pain, it is often described as having ‘a heavy or achy feeling’. Other symptoms may include itching and or skin discoloration around the veins themselves. Worsening pain after extended sitting or standing, or burning, throbbing, and cramping of the lower legs are also symptoms of having varicose veins.
How Should I Know If I Need To See The Doctor About My Varicose and Spider Veins?
If you are experiencing symptoms such as leg swelling or pain, notice bulging or twisted veins with a bluish or purple color, or feel that your legs are heavy, achy, throbbing, or cramping, it is advisable to consult a vein specialist to identify the underlying issue. Additionally, if you have itchiness or discoloration around the veins or if your leg pain worsens after prolonged sitting or standing, seeking treatment is recommended to enhance your overall health.
Do You Accept Insurance?
Yes. Most insurance providers are accepted.

Insurance will cover the initial evaluation and ultrasound which allows for the diagnosis of venous insufficiency. Your insurance carrier and the benefits associated with your policy will determine coverage going forward for the treatment of your condition. It is always advised to be aware of these benefits prior to beginning treatment and our office will both provide information for approval and work with you to get your full coverage.